(Question Paper Pattern) Xavier Aptitude Test (XAT) - 2017

(Question Paper Pattern) Xavier Aptitude Test (XAT)

  1. This examination consists of two parts: Part I and Part II. Part I has three sections A, B and C with 24, 21 and 27 questions respectively, i.e. a total of 72 questions. The three sections of Part I are followed by Part II with 25 GK questions and an essay. If there is a problem with your test booklet, inform the invigilator/supervisor immediately and get a replacement.
  2. Do not seek clarification on any item in the test booklet from the test invigilator or the centre supervisor. Use your best judgment.
  3. The time for completing the three sections and general knowledge is 210 minutes. You are expected to answer the first three sections in 170 minutes and General Knowledge QUESTIONS in 35 minutes. Aim at securing maximum scores in each section. General Knowledge marks would be used only for the final selection and not for shortlisting candidates for interview/GD.
  4. All questions carry EQUAL marks. ONE FOURTH OF A MARK may be deducted for each incorrect answer.
  5. Leaving a question UNATTEMPTED may result in a DEDUCTION OF 0.05 MARK. However, this deduction will not apply for a MAXIMUM OF 12 UNATTEMPTED QUESTIONS. The negative marks for UNATTEMPTED QUESTIONS shall be deducted proportionately across the three sections.
  6. Each question has five alternatives. Answer each question by darkening the appropriate bubble against the question number on the answer sheet. For example, if your answer to question number 1 is ‘B’, completely darken the bubble ‘B’ against the question.
  7. Mark all your answers only on the (OMR) answer sheet. Use the margin in the test booklet for rough work. No other piece of paper is permitted for rough work.
  8. Use only BLUE OR BLACK BALL-POINT PEN for marking answers on the OMR answer sheet. Do not use gel pens or ink pens.
  9. Failure to follow instructions and examination norms will lead to disqualification.