(Study Material) Study Material for TOEFL Preparation | Alphabet V

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Study Material for TOEFL Preparation | Alphabet V

vacillation - being uncertain, hesitating
vagary - strange act or idea
vain - without use, result; conceited
valiant - brave
valorous - brave
vanquish - conquer
vapor - stim, mist
veer - change direction
venal - ready to do smth dishonest
veneer - surface appearance covering the true nature
veneration - regard with deep respect
veracity - truth
verisimilitude - appearing true or real
veritable - real, rightly named
verve - spirit, vigor, enthusiasm
vex - annoy, distress, trouble
vigilance - watchfulness, self-appointed group who maintain order
vigilant - member of a vigilance committee
vigorous - strong, energetic
vilify - slander, say evil things
vindictive - having a desire to revenge
virago - a loud, domineering woman; a scold or nag
visceral - of the internal organs of the body
vitiate - lower the quality; weaken the strength
vituperate - curse, abuse in words
vivacious - lively, high-spirited
volatile - changeable, inconstant, fickle, unstable, explosive
volubility - fluency, verbosity, easy use of spoken language
voluble - fluent
voluminous - occupying much space