(Study Material) Study Material for TOEFL Preparation | Alphabet T

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Study Material for TOEFL Preparation | Alphabet T

taciturn - untalkative, silent
talon - claw of a bird of prey
tamp - tap or drive down by repeated light blows
tamper - interfere with
tangential - suddenly changeable
tarnished - lost brightness
taunt - contemptuous reproach, hurtful remark
taut - tightly stretched
tautology - a repetition, a redundancy
tawdry - cheap, gaudy, showy, tacky
tease - annoy; puzzling question
tedious - tiresome
teetotal - oppose to alcohol
temerity - boldness, brashness, intrepidness
temperance - abstinence from alcohol, self-control, moderation
temperate - showing self-control
tenacity - firmness, persistency, adhesiveness, tending to hang on
tenuous - insubstantial, flimsy, weak
terse - brief and to the point
thrift - care, economy, thriving, prosperous
timid - shy, easily frightened
timorous - fearful, timid, afraid
tolerable - fairly good
tonic - smth giving strength or energy
topple - be unsteady and overturn
torment - severe pain or suffering
torpid - sleeping, sluggish, lethargic, dormant
tortuous - full of twists and bends
tout - person who worries others to buy smth, to use his service
touting - act as tout
toy - think not seriously, handle absent-mindedly
tractable - easily controlled or guided
transgress - break, go beyond (a limit)
transient - temporary, fleeting
transitory - brief
trenchant - forceful, effective, vigorous; extremely perceptive, incisive
trend - tendency, general direction
trepidation - alarm, excited state of mind
trifling - unimportant
trite - not new
truculence - aggressiveness, ferocity
trudge - walk heavily
turbid - muddy, having the sediment stirred up
turbulence - being uncontrolled, violent
turgid - excessively ornate; swollen or bloated
turmoil - trouble, disturbance
turpitude - wickedness, shamefulness
tyro - tiro, beginner