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Study Material for TOEFL Preparation | Alphabet R

rabble - mob, crowd; the lower classes of populace
raconteur - person who tells anecdotes
radiant - bright, shining
raffish - low, vulgar, base, tawdry
rail at - find fault, utter reproaches
ramify - to be divided or subdivided; to branch out
rancorous - feeling bitterness, spitefulness
rant - use extravagant language
rapacious - greedy (esp for money)
rarefy - to make thin, to make less dense, to purify or refine
reactionary - opposing progress
rebuff - snub
recalcitrant - disobedient
recant - take back as being false; give up
recast - cast or fashion anew
recidivism - relapse into antisocial or criminal behavior
reciprocity - granting of privileges in return for similar
recitals - a number of, performance of music
recluse - person who lives alone and avoids people
recompense - make payment to; reward, punish
reconcile - settle a quarrel; restore peace
recondite - little known; abstruse
recourse - smth turned to for help
recreancy - cowardice, a cowardly giving up
recuperate - become strong after illness, loss, exhaustion
redeem - get back by payment; compensate
redemptive - serving to redeem
redoubtable - formidable, causing fear
refine - make or become pure, cultural
refractory - stubborn, unmanageable, untractable
refulgent - shining, brilliant
regale - to delight or entertain; to feast
regicide - crime of killing a king
reiterate - say or do again several times
rejuvenation - becoming young in nature or appearance
relapse - fall back again
relinquish - give up
reluctant - unwilling or disinclined
remonstrate - to protest, object
render - deliver, provide, represent
renovate - restore smth to better condition
renowned - celebrated, famous
rent - regular payment for the use of smth, division or split
repast - meal
repine at - be discontented with
reproach - scold, upbraid
reprobate - person hardened in sin; one devoid of decency
repudiate - disown, refuse to accept or pay
repulsive - causing a feeling of disgust
requite - repay, give in return
resigned - unresisting, submissive
resilience - quality of quickly recovering the original shape
resolve - determine
resort to - frequently visit
restive - refusing to move; reluctant to be controlled
resurrect - bring back into use
resuscitation - coming back to consciousness
retard - check, hinder
reticent - reserved, untalkative, silent, taciturn
revere - have deep respect for
rift - split, crack, dissension