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Study Material for TOEFL Preparation | Alphabet P

paean - song of praise or triumph
palate - roof of the mouth; sense of taste
palatial - magnificent
palliate - lessen the severity of
palliate - to make something appear less serious, to alleviate, to gloss over
palpability - can be felt, touched, understood
palpitate - tremble, beat rapidly and irregularly
panegyric - formal praise, eulogy
paradigm - a model, example, or pattern
parenthesis - sentence within another one, smth separated
pariah - an outcast, a rejected and despised person
parsimonious - too economical, miserly
partisan - one-sided, committed to a party, biased or prejudiced
patron - regular customer; person who gives support
paucity - scarcity, a lacking of
peccadillo - small sin; small weakness in one's character
pedantic - bookish, showing off learning
pedestrian - commonplace, trite, unremarkable
pellucid - transparent, easy to understand
penchant - strong inclination, a liking
penitent - feeling or showing regret
penury - extreme poverty
peregrination - traveling about, wandering
peremptory - urgent, imperative, unchallengeable, ending debate
perennial - lasting for a long time (e.g.. a year)
perfidious - treacherous, faithless
perfidy - treachery; breaking of faith
perfunctory - done as a duty without care
perilous - dangerous
peripatetic - wandering
perish - be destroyed; decay
perjury - willful false statement, unlawful act
permeate - spread into every part of
pernicious - harmful, injurious
perpetrate - be guilty; commit (a crime)
persevere - keep on steadily, continue
personable - pleasing in appearance, attractive
perspicacity - quick judging and understanding
pertain - belong as a part, have reference
pest - destructive thing or a person who is nuisance
petrified - taken away power (to think, feel, act)
petrify - to make hard, rocklike
petrous - like a rock, hard, stony
petulant - unreasonably impatient
philistine - a smug ignorant person; one who lacks knowledge
phlegmatic - calm, sluggish temperament; unemotional
picaresque - involving clever rogues or adventurers
pied - of mixed colors
pinch - be too tight, take between the thumb and finger
pious - dutiful to parents; devoted to religion
piquant - agreeably pungent, stimulating
pique - hurt the pride or self-respect, stir (curiosity)
pitfall - covered hole as a trap, unsuspected danger
pith - essential part, force, soft liquid substance
pivotal - of great importance (others depend on it)
placate - soothe, pacify, calm
plaintive - mournful, melancholy, sorrowful
plaque - flat metal on a wall as a memorial
platitude - a trite or banal statement; unoriginality
plea - request
plead - address a court of law as an advocate
plethora - glut
pliant - pliable, easily bent, shaped or twisted
plod - continue doing smth without resting
pluck - pull the feathers off, pick (e.g.. flowers)
plumb - get to the root of
plummet - fall, plunge, steeply
plunge - move quickly, suddenly and with force
poignant - deeply moving; keen
poise - be ready, be balanced, self-possession
polemical - controversial, argued
ponderous - heavy, bulky, dull
portent - omen; marvelous; threatening
poseur - someone taking on airs to impress others; a phony
posture - state, attitude; adopt a vain
poverty - state of being poor
pragmatic - practical, favoring utility
precarious - uncertain, risky, dangerous
precept - moral instruction
precepts - rules establishing standards of conduct
precipitate - throw smth violently down from a height
preclude - prevent, make impossible
precursory - preliminary, anticipating
predilection - special liking, mental preference
predominate - have more power than others
preempt - obtain by preemption or in advance
premature - doing or happening smth before the right time
preponderance - greatness in number, strength, weight
presage - warning sign
preternatural - not normal or usual
prevalent - common
prevaricate - to equivocate, to stray from the truth
prim - neat; formal
pristine - primitive, unspoiled, pure, as in earlier times, unadulterated
probity - uprightness, incorruptibility, principle
proclivity - inclination
procrastination - keeping on putting off
prodigal - wasteful, reckless with money
prodigious - enormous, wonderful
profane - worldly, having contempt for God
profligate - wasteful, prodigal, licentious, extravagant
profundity - depth
proliferate - grow, reproduce by rapid multification
prolix - tiring because too long
prone - prostrate; inclined to (undesirable things)
propagation - increasing the number, spreading, extending
propinquity - nearness in time or place, affinity of nature
propitiate - do smth to take away the anger of
propitiatory - conciliatory, appeasing, mitigating
propitious - auspicious, presenting favorable circumstances
prosaic - everyday, mundane, commonplace, trite, pedestrian
proscribe - denounce as dangerous
protracted - prolonged
provident - frugal; looking to the future
provisional - of the present time only
provoke - make angry; vax