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Study Material for TOEFL Preparation | Alphabet O

obdurate - hardened and unrepenting; stubborn, inflexible
obfuscate - to darken, make obscure, muddle
oblivious - unaware, having no memory
obloquy - abusively detractive language, sharp criticism, vituperation
obsequious - too eager to obey or serve
obsolete - no longer used
obstreperous - noisy, loud
obtain - to be established, accepted, or customary
obtrusive - projecting, prominent, undesirably noticeable
obviate - to make unnecessary, get rid of
occluded - blocked up
occult - hidden, concealed, beyond comprehension
odious - repulsive, hateful
odium - contempt, dislike, aversion
odor - smell; favor; reputation
officious - too eager or ready to help, offer advice
onerous - needing effort, burdensome
opprobrious - showing scorn or reproach
ossify - to turn to bone; to settle rigidly into an idea
ostensible- seeming, appearing as such, professed
ostentation - display to obtain admiration or envy
ostentatious - fond of showing ostentation
ostracism - shut out from society, refuse to meet, talk
ostrich - fast-running bird unable to fly
outset - start
overhaul - examine thoroughly to learn about the condition
overweening - presumptuously arrogant, overbearing, immoderate, being a jerk
overwhelm - weigh down, submerge