(Study Material) Study Material for TOEFL Preparation | Alphabet M

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Study Material for TOEFL Preparation | Alphabet M

macabre - gruesome, suggesting death
machination - plot, scheme (esp. evil)
maladroit - tactless, clumsy
malapropism - misuse of a word (for one that resembles it)
malevolence - wishing to do evil
malign - injurious, speak ill of smb, tell lie
malinger - to fake illness or injury, in order to shirk a duty
malleable - yielding; easily shaped; moldable; adapting
manacle - chains for the hands or feet
martial - brave, of associated with war
massacre - cruel killing of a large number of people
matriculation - be admitted, enter a university as a student
mature - come to full development, to a state ready for use
maudlin - sentimental in a silly or tearful way
maverick - rebel, nonconformist
mellifluous - sweetly flowing
mendacious - false
mendacity - dishonesty
mendicant - a beggar
mercurial - quick, changeable in character, fleeting
meretricious - attractive on the surface but of little value
mesmerize - hypnotize
meticulous - giving great attention to details
mettle - quality of endurance or courage
mettlesome - courageous, high-spirited
middling - fairly good but not very good
minatory - menacing, threatening
mince - pronounce or speak affectedly, euphemize
misanthrope - person who hates mankind
mischievous - harmful, causing mischief
miser - person who loves wealth and spends little
misogynist - one who hates women/females
missile - smth that is thrown or shot
mitigate - make less severe or painful
moderation - quality of being limited, not extreme
mollify - make calmer or quieter
molt - moult, lose hair, feathers before new growing
morbid - diseased, unhealthy (e.g.. about ideas)
morose - ill-tempered, unsocial
mortuary - place where dead bodies are taken to be kept until burial
multifarious - varied, motley, greatly diversified
mundane - worldly as opposed to spiritual; commonplace, everyday
myriad - very great number