(Study Material) Study Material for TOEFL Preparation | Alphabet L

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Study Material for TOEFL Preparation | Alphabet L

labyrinthine - to entangle the state of affairs
lachrymose - causing tears, tearful
lackluster - (of eyes) dull
laconic - brief, to the point, terse
lag - go too slow
lament - show, feel great sorrow
lassitude - weariness, tiredness
latent - present but not yet active, developed or visible
laudatory - expressing or giving praise
lavish - giving or producing freely, liberally or generously
leakage - the process of leaking
legacy - smth handed down from ancestors
libel - statement that damages reputation
liberality - free giving; generosity
libertine - immoral person
lien - legal claim until a debt on it is repaid
limn - paint, portray
limp - lacking strength, walking unevenly
lithe - bending, twisting
loll - rest, to sit or stand in a lazy way; hang (dog's tongue)
loquacious - talkative, garrulous
lubricant - substance that makes work easier
lubricate - put oil to make work easily
lubricious - lewd, wanton, greasy, slippery
lucubrate - write in scholarly fashion
luculent - easily understood, lucid, clear
lugubrious - mournful, excessively sad
lull - become quiet or less active
luminary - star, light-giving body
lustrous - being bright, polished