(Study Material) Study Material for TOEFL Preparation | Alphabet I

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Study Material for TOEFL Preparation | Alphabet I

iconoclast - person who attacks popular beliefs
iconoclastic - attacking cherished beliefs
idiosyncrasy - personal mannerism
idolatrous - worshipping idols
idolatry - excessive admiration of
idyll - a carefree episode or experience
ignoble - dishonorable, common, undignified
ignominious - shameful, dishonorable, undignified, disgraceful
illicit - unlawful, forbidden
illusory - deceptive; an illusion
imbroglio - complicated and embarrassing situation
immaculate - pure, faultless
immerse - absorb; put under the surface of
imminent - likely to come or happen soon
immutable - that cannot be changed
impair - worsen, diminish in value
impaired - damaged, weakened
impassive - unmoved; feeling no sign of passion
impecunious - having little or no money
impede - hinder; get in the way of
impediment - smth that hinders (e.g. stammer)
impending - imminent, being about to happen, expected
imperative - urgent, essential