(Study Material) Study Material for TOEFL Preparation | Alphabet H

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Study Material for TOEFL Preparation | Alphabet H

hack - cut roughly; hired horse
hallow - to make holy; consecrate
hamper - basket with a lid, prevent free movement or activity
hapless - unlucky, unfortunate
harangue - a long, passionate speech
harbinger - smth or smb that foretells the coming of
harrow - to distress, create stress or torment
harsh - rough, cruel, stern
haughty - arrogant; conceited
haven - harbor, safety place
heed - pay attention; notice
heinous - odious (of crime)
heresy - belief contrary to what is generally accepted
hermetic - sealed by fusion
heterogeneous - made up of different kinds
hew - make by hard work; cut (by striking)
hirsute - hairy, shaggy
hoax - mischievous trick played on smb for a joke
hoi polloi - the masses; the rabble
hollow - not soled, with hole
holster - leather case for a pistol
hone - stone used for sharpening tools
hoodwink - trick, mislead
hospitable - liking to give hospitality
hubris - arrogant pride
hurdle - light frame, fence to be jumped over
husk - worthless outside part of anything
hypocrisy - falsely making oneself appear to be good