(Paper) The Review of Mock CAT Sample paper 4

The Review of Mock CAT Sample paper 4


1. Three airlines - IA, JA and SA - operate on the Delhi- Mumbai route. To increase the number of seats sold, SA reduced its fares and this was emulated by IA and JA immediately. The general belief was that the volume of air travel between Delhi and Mumbai would increase as a result. Which of the following, if true, would add credence to the general belief?

A. A study that shows that as much as 80% of air travel in India is company-sponsored.

B. Increase in profitability of the three airlines.

C. A study that shows that air travellers in India are priceconscious.

D. Extension of the discount scheme to other routes.


2. According to McNeill, a Brahmin priest was expected to be able to recite at least one of the Vedas. The practice was essential for several centuries when the Vedas had not yet been written down. It must have had a selective effect, since priests would have been recruited from those able or willing to memorise long passages. It must have helped in the dissemination of the work, since a memorized passage can be duplicated many times. Which one of the following can be inferred from the above passage?

A. McNeill studied the behaviour of Brahmin priests

B. Reciting the Vedas was a Brahmin’s obligation

C. Vedic hymns had not been scripted

D. The Vedic priest was like a recorded audio cassette


3. Fill in the blanks with the appropriate word as given below The Darwin who ___________ is most remarkable for the way in which he _________the attributes of the world class thinker and head of the household.

A. arises, adds

B. appeared, combines

C. emerges, combines

D. comes, figure s


4. The sides of a rhombus ABCD measure 2 cm each and the difference between two angles is 90° then the areaof the rhombus is

A. 35 sq cm

B. 42 sq cm

C. 22 sq cm

D. 2 sq cm


5. 2/3rd of the balls in a bag are black, the rest are red. If 5/9th of the black balls and 7/8th of the red balls are defective, find the total number of balls in the bag, if the number of non-defective balls is 146.

A. 432

B. 578

C. 216

D. 648


6. When 3/4th of a unit’s digit is added to the ten’s digit of a 2-digit number, the sum of the digits becomes 10. If 1/4th of the ten’s digit added to the unit digit, then the sum of the digits is 1 less than previous. Find the number

A. 48

B. 94

C. 88

D. 84


7. Fill in the blanks with the options as specified in the options below Since her face was free of __________ there was no way to __________ if she appreciated what had happened.

A. realization, appreciate

B. expression, ascertain

C. make-up, realise

D. made up , think


8. Read the small description as below and answer the question as follows A cube is divided into 4 equal cubes. Each of these cubes is further sub-divided into 4 equal cubes What is the ratio of the surface area of the smallest cube as a percentage of the original cube?

A. 0.0625

B. 0.625

C. 0.25

D. 0.0156


9. Three circles A, B and C have a common centre O.A is the inner circle, B middle circle and C is outer circle. The radius of the outer circle C, OP cuts the inner circle at X and middle circle at Y such that OX = XY = YP. The ratio of the area of the region between the inner and middle circles to the area of the region between the middle and outer circle is:

A. 13

B. 15

C. 35

D. 25


10. The company’s coffee crop for 1998-99 totaled 8079 tonnes, an all time record. The increase over the previous year’s production of 5830 tonnes was 38.58%. The previous highest crop was 6089 tonnes in 1970-71. The company had fixed a target of 8000 tonnes to be realised by the year 2000-01, and this has been achieved two years earlier, thanks to the emphasis laid on the key areas of irrigation, replacement of unproductive coffee bushes, intensive refilling and improved agricultural practices. It is now our endeavour to reach  the target of 10000 tonnes in the year 2001-02. Which one of the following would contribute most to making the target of 10000 tonnes in 2001-02 unrealistic?

A. The total company land under coffee has remained constant since 1969 when an estate in the Nilgiri Hills was acquired.

B. The target-setting procedures in the company have been proved to the sound by the achievement of the 8000 tonne target.

C. The potential of the productivity enhancing measures implemented up to now has been exhausted.

D. The sensitivity of the crop to climatic factors makes predictions about production uncertain.


11. Read the smnalll description as given below and answer the questions as follow In a survey it was found that 80 % of viewers watched DD, 60% watched BBC and 75%watched star plus What is the maximum %age of respondents watching DD or BBC but not star plus?

A. none of these

B. 40%

C. 25%

D. 65%


12. In the game of picking the parcel, 4 players stand at the corners of a square and a parcel is kept at the center of the square. As soon as the signal goes up, a player has to run and pick up the parcel and proceed towards the diagonally opposite corner. The parcel changes hand, and the third player now runs with the parcel and taking a quarter-circular path lands at the spot vacated by the 1st player. He then places the parcel at the center and second player takes a quarter-circular path and passes the parcel to the player on his right returns of his spot. If the distance between opposite corners is 14 m, what is the total distance traveled by the parcel?

A. 47m

B. 36 m

C. 45m

D. 44m


13. The horizontal distance of a kite from the boy flyingit is 30 m and 50 m of cord is out from the roll. If the windmoves the kite horizontally at the rate of 5 km per hourdirectly away from the boy, how fast is the cord beingreleased?

A. 5 km per hour

B. 6 km per hour

C. 3 km per hour

D. 4 km per hour


14. Fill in the blanks with the appropriate words from the choices But ___________ are now regularly written to describe well-established practices, organisations and institutions, not all of which seem to be ________ away.

A. stories, trading

B. reports, withering

C. obituaries, fading

D. books, dying


15. Read the smnalll description as given below and answer the questions as follow In a survey it was found that 80 % of viewers watched DD, 60% watched BBC and 75% watched star plus What is the minimum %age of the respondents watching all the three channels?

A. 45%

B. none of these

C. 15%

D. 60%


16. Suppose S and T are sets of vectors, whereS = {(1,0,0),  (0, 0, –5), (0, 3, 4)} and T = {(5, 2, 3), (5, –3, 4)}then

A. Neither S nor T is a set of linearly indepedent vectors

B. S and T both sets are linearly independent vectors

C. S is a set of linearly independent vector, but T is not

D. T is a set of linearly independent vectors, but S is not