(Book) Quantitative Aptitude Quantum for CAT Exam by Arihant Publications

(Book) Quantitative Aptitude Quantum for CAT Exam by Arihant Publications


Language : English

Binding : Paperback

Publisher : Arihant Publications (I) Pvt.Ltd - Meerut

Genre : Entrance Examinations

Product Dimensions : 24.6 x 17.8 x 4.2 cm

ISBN : 9788183482677, 8183482678

Edition : 1st 2012

Pages : 901

Description : Quantum CAT comprehensively covers the Quantitative Ability or math section of the Common Admission Test (CAT), which is an entrance exam for students who are looking to join the IIMs, premier Indian institutes for management studies.

It covers every aspect of the math section, including Algebra, Alligations, Averages, Ratio and Proportions, Time and Work, Percentages, Mensuration, Profit, Loss and Discount, Time, Speed and Distance, Trigonometry, Set Theory, Geometry, Logarithms, Theory of Equations, Functions and Graphs, Permutations and Combination, Coordinate Geometry, Sequence and Series, and Probability.

The book covers several fundamental concepts and features detailed explanations. It contains thorough explanations for every topic, and hundreds of solved examples for the same. Each chapter in the book has questions from the previous exam papers, so that readers can at once test their understanding of what they have learnt.

Questions that test the reader’s comprehension, ingenuity, and speed in solving problems are provided in this book. The book contains more than 4000 practice problems, and these have been organized into three levels. Shortcuts, analytical methods, and innovative ways to solve the problems are also discussed in this book.

It contains questions papers and solved papers for various management-related exams like CAT, MAT, NMAT, SNAP, FMS, JMET, TISS, and IRMA.

This book serves as an ideal guide that helps readers get a thorough understanding of all the topics covered in the quantitative section.

More than 300 fundamental concepts discussed with all the nuances.
More than 800 examples thoroughly illustrated with every subtlety.
More than 4000 practice problems fully solved to make you master on every aspect.
Non-algebraic, diagrammatic and logical solutions to speed up your mathematical thought process. Shortcut techniques, analytical methods and inspirational approach to crack CAT.
Exclusive score boosting strategies and next generation approaches for repeaters, stagnant scorers, and pessimists.
Special solutions and tips for non-mathematical background students.
Apart from CAT-2009 where 100s of problems had found a great match with what it was already provided in the Quantum CAT other prestigious exams too are not shying away from taking a leaf from Quantum CAT.
In FMS Test one can find as high as 90% sums resembling with what the Quantum CAT has already offered to its esteemed readers.
Even SNAP Test is not far behind as at least 70% sums are taking their roots from this same book. IIFT Test is already setting examples for others by borrowing the sums and concepts from Quantum CAT where it has already chosen to pick more than 12 sums straight from this book in 2007.
One can easily crack more than 70% sums of JMET as there is no much difference in the questions and concepts elaborated in Quantum CAT than what had JMET asked this year.

About The Author

Sarvesh Kumar Verma is a bestselling author, mentor, and coach who has successfully trained many students for entrance exams. His books on CAT preparation have been bestsellers, and Practice Book For CAT is another book he has written.

A graduate in the field of management himself (He studies Accounts and Finance), Sarvesh is now a consultant and provides service for start-ups and budding entrepreneurs. His focus areas are business re-engineering and quality innovations. He has a unique way of breaking down complex concepts through illustrations and analogies, and this has contributed to the popularity of his books.

Table of Contents
XAT Solved Paper 2012
IIFT Solved Paper 2011
SNAP Solved Paper 2011

1. Fundamentals
2. Averages
3. Alligations
4. Ratio, Proportion & Variation
5. Percentages
6. Profit, Loss and Discount
7. Cl/SI/Installments
8. Time and work
9. Time, Speed and Distance
10. Mensuration
11. Trigonometry
12. Geometry
13. Elements of Algebra
14. Theory of Equations
15. Set Theory
16. Logarithm
17. Functions and Graph
18. Sequence, series and Progressions
19. Permutations & Combinations
20. Probability
21. Co-ordinate Geometry
CAT Solved Papers (2003-2008)


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