(Book) Data Cabling Installer Certification For CAT Exam by Prentice Hall- Gale

(Book) Data Cabling Installer Certification For CAT Exam by Prentice Hall- Gale


Language : English

Binding : trade cloth

Publisher :  Prentice Hall- Gale

Product Dimensions : 22.3 x 2.3 x 28.7 cm

ISBN : 9780130916174, 013091617X

Pages : 400

Edition : Har/Cdr, 2001

Description : This guide uses \"hands-on\" instruction methods presented in a straightforward, easy-to-understand format by expert instructors that have actual field experience. It guides users every step of the way through the Cabling Installer Program, and equips them with the latest and most advanced knowledge and skills needed to tackle almost any cabling challenge. A Certified Cabling Installer can be identified as a technician who has passed exacting international electronics testing requirements, and is considered a highly trained expert in today\'s fast growing, competitive network cabling industry. The book overviews network topologies, and then explores the basics of cabling with an emphasis on standards, grounding, preparing cable ends, testing cables, cabling systems for LANs or WANs. It covers all types of cabling and connectors and their advantages and disadvantages; installing wiring, connectors, closets, and terminators, of any cabling type; and preventing, troubleshooting, and fixing cabling problems. For technicians who want to successfully earn certification in the Marcraft Cabling (CAT5) Installer Certification Program

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