(News) : Analysis on CAT 2013 Results

CAT 2013 Result

A total of 1.74 lakh candidates had appeared for CAT 2013. The CAT 2013 Results, however, shows that 95000 of those appearing for CAT either scored zero marks or obtained overall negative marks. The score cards released by IIMs on January 14 shows that the candidate who did not even answer any of the questions in the CAT 2013 paper, scored around 55 percentile. The official score card of a CAT 2013 taker who did not attempt a single question, has a percentile as high as 55. In other words, the candidates who had left their paper blank would have managed at least 55 percentile this year. The score card below also implies that those candidates who would have scored at least 1 mark would have emerged with anything more than 55 percentile in their CAT 2013 exams.