(Info) Top 7 Parameters to Choose Good B-Schools

Top 7 Parameters to Choose Good B-Schools

The in-depth ranking consists of 7 parameters which were used to help students choose their college wisely. These 7 parameters include: Student Quality, Faculty Quality, Facilities + Academic Assistance, Pedagogy & Recognition, Research Output, Executive Training, Placement, ROI & Brand Equity.

  • Student Quality
  • Faculty Quality
  • Facilities + Academic Assistance
  • Pedagogy & Recognition
  • Placements, ROI &  Brand Equity
  • Student Quality

We measured student quality using three criteria:

  • Student Diversity' which itself includes Academic Diversity, Educational Background Diversity and Geographic Diversity in equal weights.
  • Work Experience' where we have given weightage to students having more than 2 years of work experience and
  • Percentile Cut-off' is the best available objective parameter for gauging the students' intellectual capability

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Courtesy: Rediff.com