(Paper) Indian Institute of Foreign Trade Previous Paper - 2012

(Paper) Indian Institute of Foreign Trade Previous Paper - 2012

1. In the word HEIRARCHICAL, If the first and second, third and fourth, fourth and fifth, fifth and sixth letters are interchanged up to the last letter, which are the two position from the left on which R would appear and on which positions would C appear twice?

(1) R – 3 and 5; C – 8 and 9
(2) R – 9 and 10; C – 4 and 5
(3) R – 4 and 5; C – 7 and 8
(4) 4 and 5; C – 7 and 8

2. In the following series, what numbers should replace the question marks?

–1, 0, 1, 0, 2, 4, 1, 6, 9, 2, 12, 16, ? ? ?

(1) 11, 18, 27
(2) –1, 0, 3
(3) 3, 20, 25
(4) Cannot be ascertained

3. Here are some words translated from an artificial language.

dionot means oak tree
blyonot means oak leaf
blycrin means maple leaf

Which word could mean “maple syrup”

(1) blymuth
(2) hupponot
(3) patricrin
(4) crinweel

4. Gita is older than her cousin Mita. Mita’s brother Bhanu is older than Gita. When Mita and Bhanu are visiting Gita, all three like to play a game of Monopoly. Mita wins more often than Gita does. Which of the following can be concluded from the above?

(1) When he plays Monopoly with Mita and Gita. Bhanu often loses.
(2) Of the three, Gita is the oldest
(3) Gita hates to lose at Monopoly
(4) Of the three, Mita is the youngest.

5. Priya is taller than Tiya and shorter than Siya.
Riya is shorter than Siya and taller than Priya.
Riya is taller than Diya, who is shorter than Tiya.

Arrange them in order of asending heights.

(1) Priya – Siya – Riya – Tiya - Diya
(2) Riya – Siya – Priya – Diya - Tiya
(3) Siya – Riya – Priya – Tiya - Diya
(4) Siya – Priya – Riya – Diya - Tiya

6. Statement 1: All chickens are birds.
Statement 2: Some chickens are hens.
Statement 3: Female birds lay eggs.

If the above statement are facts, then which of the following must also be a fact?

I. All birds lay eggs.
II. Hens are birds.
III. Some chickens are not hens.

(1) II only
(2) II and III only
(3) I, II and III
(4) None of the statement is a known fact

7. Statement 1: Pictures can tell a story.
Statement 2: All storybooks have pictures.
Statement 3: Some storybooks have words.

If the above statement are facts, then which of the following must also be a fact?

I. Pictures can tell a story better than words can.
II. The stories in storybook are very simple
III. Some storybooks have both words and pictures.

(1) I only
(2) II only
(3) III onlr
(4) None of the statement is a known fact

8. If IQS : LNV, then JRM : ?

(1) OKS
(2) MOP
(3) NIP
(4) MOQ

Directions for Questions 9 – 10: Some information is provided in the paragraph below. Answer the questions based on this information

A weekly television show routinely stars six actors, J, K, L, M, N and O. Since the show has been on the air for a long time, some of the actors are good friends and some do not get along at all. In an effort to keep peace, the director sees to it that friends work together and enemies do not. Also, as the actors have become more popular, some of them need time off to do other projects. To keep the schedule working, the director has a few things she must be aware of:

  • J will only work on episodes on which M is working

  • N will not work with K under any circumstances.

  • M can only work every other week, in order to be free to film a movie.

  • At least three of the actors must appear in every weekly episode.

9. In a show about L getting a job at the same company J already works for and K used to work for, all three actors will appear. Which of the following is true about the other actors who may appear?

(1) M, N and O must all appear.
(2) M may appear and N must appear.
(3) M must appear and O may appear
(4) O may appear and N may appear

10. Next week, the show involves N’s new car and O’s new refrigerator. Which of the following is true about the actors who may appear?

(1) M, J, L and K all may appear.
(2) J, L, and K must appear
(3) L and K must appear.
(4) Only L may appear.

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