(Subject Test) GRE Subject Test Notes For Computer Science

GRE Subject Test Notes For Computer Science

  • The test consists of approximately 70 multiple-choice questions, some of which are grouped in sets and based on such materials as diagrams, graphs, and program fragments.
  • The approximate distribution of questions in each edition of the test according to content categories is indicated by the following outline.
  • The percentages given are approximate; actual percentages will vary slightly from one edition of the test to another.


A. Data organization

  • Data types
  • Data structures and implementation techniques

B. Program control and structure

  • Iteration and recursion
  • Procedures, functions, methods, and exception handlers
  • Concurrency, communication, and synchronization

C. Programming languages and notation

  • Constructs for data organization and program control
  • Scope, binding, and parameter passing
  • Expression evaluation

D. Software engineering

  • Formal specifications and assertions
  • Verification techniques
  • Software development models, patterns, and tools

E. Systems

  • Compilers, interpreters, and run-time systems
  • Operating systems, including resource management and protection/security
  • Networking, Internet, and distributed systems
  • Databases
  • System analysis and development tools

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