(Paper) CMAT Question Paper "CA"

(Paper) CMAT Question Paper "CA"

Q1. who was the leader of African national congress(ANC)?
ans: Nelson Mandela.

Q2. which country was first to give women right to vote and in which year?
ans: Newzealand.

Q3. which was the trade union of Poland?

Q4. who was the chairman of drafting committe?
ans:. Dr. B.R ambedkar

Q5. which city is called as city of skyscapers?

Q6. who was the first and last vice‐prime minister of India?
ans: Sardar vallabh bhai patel.

Q7. who was the first and last women mughal ruler of mughal empire?
ans: Razia sultan.

Q8. who discovered dynamite?
ans: sir alfred nobel.

Q9. who was the first person to get noble prize in Physics?
ans: c.v raman.

Q10. where is silicon valley?
ans: Northern california in US.

Q11. which is the deepest trench?
ans: marina trench.

Q12. who was against the struggle of Aparthied?
ans: nelson mandela.

Q13. biggest waterfall of the world?
ans: Angels.

Q14. who was behind jalliawala bagh?
ans: Gernal dyer.

Q15. where will be next common wealth games (cwg) will take place?
ans: Gasago(poland)

  • Tony Tan became Singapore’s new President.
  • Turkey expelled Israeli ambassador.
  • Germany became the first team to qualify for the 2012 European Championship finals.
  • Typhoon Talas killed 20 in Japan.
  • Former Egyptian President Mubarak’s trial resumed.
  • Russia launched the first ‘technical’ gas into undersea pipeline to Germany.
  • Yahoo Inc. fired CEO Carol Bartz.
  • French designer John Galliano fined after found guilty of anti-Semitic act.
  • North Korea celebrated its 63rd anniversary.
  • South Korea won the women’s Asian Champions Trophy Hockey tournament.
  • IMF recognised TNC as Libyan government.
  • Egyptian top Gen Tantawi failed to testify in ousted President Mubarak’s trial.
  • Samantha Stosur won the women’s final of US Open Tennis.
  • Angola’s Leila Lopes crowned Miss Universe 2011.
  • Novak Djokovic won the men’s final in US Open Tennis.
  • Nasa Unveiled design for giant rocket called Space Launch System.
  • 24 Hours siege in Kabul diplomatic enclave ended.
  • US declared Indian Mujahideen a terror entity.
  • Thorning-Schmidt elected Denmark Premier.
  • India recognises new Libyan regime.
  • 4645 Taiwanese children set mass violin playing Record.
  • 63rd premtime Emmy Award presented in Los Angeles.
  • Former Afghan President Rabbani killed in suicide bomb attack.
  • At UN, Obama opposes Palestinian statehood.
  • Australia announced that it will ease visa rules for students.
  • Yemen’s president Salah returned to Sanna, called for truce.
  • Palestine Staked state claim at UN.
  • NTC forces attacked Gaddaff home turf.
  • NASA’s dead satellite crashed over Pacific.
  • China installs gold vending machine as demand soars.
  • First ever strategic and Economic Dialogue between Indian and China held at Beijing.
  • 16 dead as Typhone Nesat smashed into the Philippines.
  • US confront Pak with evidence of ISI’s Terror Links.

Q. Who has been named heir to the Saudi throne?
Nayef bin Abdel-Aziz Al Saud

Q. Name the 5 Arab activists who won European freedom prize, 'Sakharov'.
Mohammed Bouazizi of Tunisia, Egyptian militant Asmaa Mahfouz, Libyan dissident Ahmed al-Zubair Ahmed al-Sanusi, Syrian lawyer Razan Zeitouneh and Syrian cartoonist Ali Farza

Q.Name the social gaming company which is planning to file IPO in November 2011.

Q.Name the person who won Rs.5 crore prize money on television show Kaun Banega Crorepati.
Sushil Kumar, computer operator from Bihar

Q. Name the theater which reopened after a massive reconstruction after 6 years and becomes the most expensive renovation project ever.
Bolshoi Theatre

Q. Expand NOFN which was recently approved to provide broadband connectivity to Panchayats.
National Optical Fibre Network

Q. Name the book released on Abhinav Bindra post Olympic success.
A shot at history

Q.Who won the ATP doubles title 'Stockholm Open'?
Rohan Bopanna and Aisam-ul-haq-Qureshi

Q. What is the new game console by Nintendo called which will be launched in 2011?
Wii U